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May 05 2014

Components of an Effective Brand

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Brands can be found in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few common elements you will discover throughout them.

Clarity. A great brand communicates the intended message clearly. Communication is essential. It's also important that you communicate the intended image you need people to perceive, as opposed to giving them the wrong message.

Memorability. In order for a brand to be effective effectively, it needs to be memorable. It must stay in the client's mind.

Small business marketing
Uniqueness. Your brand tells people why is your offering unique among your competitors and the most ideally fitted to them. As I said above, it's not that you are the most effective but that you're only option that fully and adequately meets the customer�s needs. This aspect of uniqueness does mean you don't need to attract everyone.

Emotional Connection. Great brands make an emotional connection with their audience. People identify themselves from the brands that like. It is just as much a part of a person's identity as their political or religious affiliation. If the brand gets within your customers' heads and elicits a psychological response, they'll recognize it and grow loyal. This is just what motivates the buyer to buy.

Credibility. A good brand is consistent. It never strays from the customer's expectation. Such as an old friend, it certainly is there providing them with the same message. This way, your brand establishes your company's credibility in the customer's mind.

Timeless. The most effective brands are timeless. They endure and remain relevant for a long time or perhaps decades ahead.

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